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General and Specific Objectives

To have Students and Granduates transformed and united by the Word of God for building a community of disciples who reflect the glory of Christ.

In our General objective we see 3 things as being the most important:

  • Transformation: We want to see our members reflect on the Word of God in a variety of ways in order to apply it in their lives for maturity in Christ.
    • Bible Studies
    • Bible teachings
    • Bible Formation (Theology)
    • Bible games
    • Giving Biblical responses in contempary challenges


  • Unity and community: We want to see our member accept the diversity while having the same principles of the Christian life and aiding each other in growing as a community of disciples of Christ.
    • Share life together inside of a community
    • Visit between UGBB groups
    • Visiting the interior of the country for growing the cohesion between all of the groups
    • Promote the communal activities
    • Having Vigils of Prayer with all the members


  • Reflect the glory of Jesus Christ: We want to see our member draw others towards Jesus Christ by their actions and their relationships.
    • Evangelisation by friendship: We engage our classmates with love towards to show the will of God on their lives.
    • Conferences - Debates: We engage, with love, our society in which we live to propose biblical responses to contemporary situations.
    • Organizing Evangelical meetings: Celebrating the glory of Jesus Christ in a way that is creative and pertinent for bringing others to God's love and call.

Designing together: GBU at the periphery

For arriving at our objective, we are going to use a strategy that we have named GBU at the periphery. It acts as a decentralized structure for motivating and galvanize the group. (Solid Foundation: Organizational Development)

This concept consists of:

  • The members of GBU in each class of the university (in the future at the High Schools): We are looking to find a student member of GBU who has the mission of UGBB into their class (or into another class who does not have a student member) so that the students of the class can know the presence of Jesus Christ in their lives.
  • The members of GBU in a variety of different domains in their professional life: We are looking to find graduate members of UGBB who are in the same domain to former a community that will bring the mission of UGBB into their workplace so that their colleagues can know the will of God in their workplaces.

With the GBU at the periphery wach member of the movement is called (1) to know and be the means of communicating the vision and (2) bring the ministry into the middle of their workplace.

It is in this that all our member will have a place within our movement. We use the term periphery for two reasons: To go out to the extremity of our "circles" and to contact with others.